What is Gunbot?

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Earn Bitcoin on autopilot

Gunbot is a user friendly, advanced crypto trade bot that performs automated cryptocurrency trading. Gunbot has over 36 pre-configured trade strategies or allows users to create custom trade strategies with any combination of the best trade indicators. With the TradingView plug-in Gunbot can automate TradingView strategies from the comfort of TradingView charts, and with the Cryptosight Telegram bot users can view Gunbot Performance and manage Gunbot trades from a user friendly dashboard built into telegram. Buy Gunbot to grow your crypto portfolio on Autopilot!

Gunbot Features

One time payment

Pay once and get a lifetime licence with all updates free.

Large Community

Over 7000 registered Gunbot users to get help and share ideas.

Lightning Speed

Trades are executed in real-time fully utilizing exchange api limits.

Supports any OS

Gunbot supports Linux, Windows x86 & x64 & Mac OS

Dev Team

Professional dev team and years of testing by thousands of beta testers.

Beginner Friendly

Emotionless strategy is plug-and-play ready for beginners to get started.

Great for Pros

Pros can mix & match any combination of the latest indicators.

Buy / Sell Indicators

Over 36 different trade strategies utilizing the latest trade indicators.

Remote Control

Remote control Telegram bot, let's you manage Gunbot from anywhere.

Support Channels

Telegram support channel full of Gunbot users, mentors & experts.

Gunbot Pricing Plans

Gunbot Standard


Gunbot RT Standard

One time payment

 Lifetime Licence for Gunbot

 Lifetime updates for free

 Choose 1 exchange

 Support via Telegram group

 Gunbot with no Addons

 Cryptosight profit tracker included

Gunbot Pro

0,075฿ 0,240฿

Gunbot RT Pro Edition

 One time payment

 Lifetime licence for Gunbot

 Lifetime updates for free

 Gunbot Licenses for 3 Exchanges

 Support via Telegram group

 Gunbot Backtesting Addon

 Crypto Sight profit tracker included

Gunbot Ultimate

0,125฿ 0,590฿

Gunbot RT ULTIMATE Gold Bundle | Gunbot RT v9 ULTIMATE | Gunbot RT Reversal Trading

 One time Payment

 Lifetime license for Gunbot

 Lifetime updates for free

 Licences for all available exchanges

 Premium support

 TradingView Addon and Backtesting Addon for Gunbot

 Crypto Sight profit tracker included

Gunbot Starter


Gunbot LITE Edition

 One time payment

 Lifetime license for Gunbot

 Lifetime updates for free

 Choose 1 exchange

 Support via Telegram group

 Gunbot with no Addons

 Emotionless strategy

Premium Support


Gunbot Premium Support

 One time payment

 Personalized support during the first installation and configuration

 Premium Discord support group access

 Personalized Installation and configuration via Teamviewer

 Access to our Vip Zone where you will find settings for Gunbot, tutorials, tips and more

 Gunbot Mentors available 24/7 on Discord to help you with Gunbot

 Custom set-up and configuration guides

Linux VPS Bundle


Gunbot Linux VPS Bundle

 1 Year Subscription to Virmach VPS

 Install of Ubuntu & remote desktop

 Set-up Linux security protocols & encrypted ssh tunnel

 Hands-on install of VNC and ssh tunnel on users computer via Anydesk

 Walk through of how to configure Gunbot & customize trade strategies

 Telegram call to answer customers questions during install

 BONUS how to backtest Gunbot trade strategy, profitability walk-through 

Gunbot Upgrade Bundles

Starter to Standard


One time payment

Upgrade from Starter to Standard

 Lifetime updates for free

 Choose 1 exchange

 Support via Telegram group

Gunbot with no Addons

Cryptosight profit tracker not included

Upgrade to Pro


 One time payment

Upgrade from Standard to Pro

 Lifetime updates for free

Trade on 3 Exchanges at the same time

 Support via Telegram group

Gunbot Backtesting Addon

 Crypto Sight profit tracker included

Upgrade to Ultimate


 One time Payment

Upgrade from Standard to Ultimate

 Lifetime updates for free

5 exchanges at the same time

 Premium support

 TradingView Addon and Backtesting Addon for Gunbot

 Crypto Sight profit tracker included

Gunbot is the most popular crypto trade bot

Gunbot has been developed over many years by a professional development team and thousands of beta testers. Gunbot is the most popular crypto trade bot with a fully established community of over 5000 members, official forums, dedicated support staff and full documentation via the Wiki. Find out why Gunbot is trusted by thousands of crypto traders worldwide and BUY Gunbot NOW!

Gunbot Support Discord | Gunbot Community | Submit a Gunbot Review

Gunbot Store | Buy Gunbot TradingView add-on

Gunbot TradingView add-on | Gunbot Store

Gunbot TradingView plug-in, enables Gunbot to trade automatically on alerts sent from custom strategies at TradingView, completely managing your strategy from TradingView. Use advanced TradingView scripts like the Ninja Signals Script or custom alerts from your own indicators. Automate your TradingStrategy with the TradingView add-on for Gunbot and grow your cryptocurrency portfolio 24/7!

Gunbot Store | Buy Gunbot Cryptosight add-on

CryptoSight add-on is a trade and profitability tracker built to work within Telegram, that enables Gunbot users to monitor and control Gunbot remotely. Gunbot Users can view Gunbot profits, receive trade alerts, view trade statistics and manually perform buy / sell trades using the Cryptosight Telegram bot, from their iOS or Android Smartphone device.

Gunbot Cryptosight add-on Dashboard

PROMOTION Included in all upgrade packages by gunbot.website

  • Private Discord & Telegram Channel Access by Gunbot.Website
  • Discord "Gunbot Trader" Rank with access to on-going support by Gunbot Mentors
  • Exclusive Access to pro-trader configs and Gunbot Trade Strategies by Gunbot.Website
  • TeamViewer session to help install Gunbot and explain settings

Gunbot Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/GunbotSupport/

Gunbot Premium Support



Incredible Team & Support

I have been using gunbot for about a month. I’ve tested some strategies and setup the system, but I wanted more information and better returns. So… I signed up for Premium Support, crossing my fingers and hoping for the best. I am an experienced technologist and had gunbot setup with complicated and advanced trading strategies. My experience with most companies is they would not have a support team capable of helping me tune, optimize or understand the deep technical issues I’m experiencing.

I was completely blown away by gunbot’s support — the team knows what they are doing and helped me with everything. Gunbot support is worth it. I strongly encourage everyone who owns gunbot to pay the extra money and have a team of experts at their disposal.

Great product and great support. I am a very happy customer with positive returns which will easily pay for support this month. 🙂


Great Product / Simple to Run

Gunbot is a great tool that’s very straight froward to setup and get running. 24/7 Discord support make it easy to get guidance when you need it. I look forward to using Gunbot Products in the future.



I got answers to my questions in a matter of minutes. The tech support person was extremely knowledgeable and patient with making sure I understood the answers to my questions. I wold give them 10 stars… if I could. Great experience!

Glen Castleberry

Amazing customizable bot with excellent connection to experts to help you tune it!

I cannot say enough great things about Gunbot! The latest version has all sorts of very specific parameters that allow you program exactly when you make buys and sells. It’s ability to be fine tuned and utilized in conjunction with multiple indicators to make sure that you are getting all the correct entry and exit points are unmatched. There are literally over 15 pre-programmed strategies that work very well right after downloading the bot, without even tweaking any of their parameters.

The team that are resellers of Gunbot are unparalleled in their abilities to communicate and assist buyers with assistance. At all times of the day they will respond to your telegram messages and help guide you through processes that will help you get on track, if you seem lost of overwhelmed. Some of the resellers even have options where they can offer you a setup service and actually program your bot for you with use of the Teamviewer remote desktop app.

This bot’s abilities are only limited to your own knowledge of how to program it, and there is a plethora of resources and knowledge-bases available to help educate yourself on all of its features. They are all updated and maintained very regularly, and address any bugs or glitches that arise very quickly.

Also @Altgear is very passionate and talented at helping you get your bot fine tuned. Not only that, he has helped me get scripts/indicators that I can utilize on tradingview.com in order to backtest my strategies on gunbot, so that I can see exactly where they would have made buy/sells. I cannot stress enough how professional and what great communication skills he has utilized to help me improve my Gunbot’s profits!

I hope this transparent review helps others in their quest for the best automated trading bot out there.

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