Why I am getting this message unable to check master key? How do I fix Gunbot unable to check master Error? My Gunbot was working before, but now it is showing unable to check master key.


Loading config…
Loading exchange – poloniex
Unable to check master key.
Loading config…
Loading exchange – bittrex
Unable to check master key.

Loading config…
Loading exchange – binance
Issue fetching product details
Unable to check master key.

What is a Master Key? Where is my Master Key? How do I find my master key?

If you registered a key with a reseller that key is your MASTER key for that exchange.

What happens if I delete my Master Key or API Key?

When you make a new API Key, always write down your Public API Key and Secret API Key in a safe place. If you lose accidentally lost or misplace your API Secret Key, contact your re-seller to change your API Key and Secret API key to a new set. And this time write down your API secret! 


  1. Check API and Secret are correct
  2. Ensure ports 3000, 5000-6000 are open on your firewall
  3. Check any other connectivity limiting software/hardware (Virus scanners, Modems, Routers)
  4. Check trading permissions on your API
  5. Check Pair naming is correct
  6. Check that you have entered TWO API key & Secret sets for each exchange (One Master, One not – These can be the same key)
  7. Turn the bot off for 20 mins and give the API time to reset
  8. Ensure that the trading PC is hosted in a country/state permitted to trade on that exchange AND that pair.
  9. Double check that you/your client selected the appropriate exchange when entering the API and Secret (Don’t select Bitfinex for a Bittrex API)
  10. Turn off “Set time automatically” in Settings – Time&Language – Date&Time . Change your time to a couple of minutes ahead. Turn on “Set time automatically” and wait for the clock to be synced, which should be immediately.
  11. Windows users Install NetTime – Network Time Synchronization tool http://timesynctool.com and click “sync” to sync pc time. Input a different time-server into NetTime settings, if the default one doesn’t work.
  12. Re-install Gunbot from scratch using the latest version (download a new copy of the latest distro and make sure to copy api keys to put back in). Re-start Gunbot and your system.
  13. Try re-starting Gunbot and your system after each step.
  14. Make sure your BIOS time is correct (to the minute) and synced. Windows Users access BIOS using your system hotkey (depends on brand – use google search) F12, F10, DEL or ESC hotkey during startup or for Windows 10 users SHIFT + SHUTDOWN (Windows 10 will load system recovery).
  15. If that still doesn’t work go back to my first suggestion and double and triple check everything one of those will generally fix it if you’ve done them all correctly.
  16. If that still doesn’t work submit an Issue Report on GitHub so Gun and the Devs can look into it

Exchange Info
Kraken: sometimes, when you make a change or restart the bot, Kraken’s API is temperamental. So sometimes it gets this error. So you have to stop the bot, wait some time, then restart. Sometimes it’s 60 seconds; sometimes it’s 120 seconds; sometimes it’s 10 minutes

Binance: [Feb 07 2018] They’re currently undergoing the aftermath of their major 2-day long maintenance window. They’re just going to have to wait, OR implement a hosts file fix if they want to risk it.

Others: various reasons, ranging from your server time is wrong, API NONCE drifts, IP address bans, wrong country, all sorts of things.

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