Gunbot Selecting Cryptocurrency PAIRS – How do I select which crypto pairs to trade with Gunbot ?

What are the best cryptocurrency pairs to use with Gunbot? How do I select good cryptocurrency pairs to trade with Gunbot? What are the best Gunbot Coin Pairs? Find out below!

When selecting a cryptocurrency pair to use with Gunbot, check the history of the chart and make sure the coin pair you select respects your strategy (how often your trade would be successful on that coin pair using your chosen Gunbot trade strategy) i.e.: [Feb 2018] WAVES would be a poor choice to use with BB strat’s because it’s stopped respecting Bolinger bands and is on a downtrend right now…which means a low probability of successful trades using BB Gunbot Trade strat on WAVES.

1) Look through the history of the cryptocurrency chart and find out what your probability is, that trades will be successful using your chosen Gunbot Trade strategy i.e.: did the chart trade successfully 9/10 times on Bollinger bands in the past = 90% probability Bollinger bands will be a successful strat to use with Gunbot (for that pair at this time)

2) Ask yourself what settings should be tweaked within your Gunbot strat, to ensure that your Gunbot trade strat and settings are specifically designed for optimal profit and efficiency on your coin trade pairs

3) Backtest your Gunbot trade strategieis by turning on watch_mode: true in Gunbot > settings > BOT section or by using allansters tuners (MSG @allanster on Telegram)

Questions? Does that mean I have to change my settings daily? NO…only if the chart or market makes significant changes that stop that cryptocurrency pair from respecting your Gunbot trade strategy…set an alert on the pairs your trading that would indicate a big difference in trend and tweak your settings if the alert triggers

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