Waiting to Trade – Safety Switch is on


Waiting to Trade – Safety Switch is on
Waiting to Buy – Safety Switch is on

How do I fix Waiting to Trade – Safety Switch is on? What is Safety Switch on Gunbot Settings? My Gunbot won’t sell and keeps showing Waiting to sell…Safety Switch is on… Error on Gunbot What do I do?

Waiting to trade…Safety Switch is on…

Waiting to sell…Safety Switch is on…

Waiting to sell…Safety Switch is on error means bot is not allowed to trade due to a settings trigger disabling Gunbot buy / sell orders.

Frequently Asked Questions | F.A.Q.

What is Safety Switch in Gunbot Settings?

Safety switch prevents Gunbot from buying for the period of time specifid after the last buy order, to prevent double buys or fast consecutive buy orders when averaging down. Safety switch is controlled in Gunbot Settings TRADES_TIMEOUT field. When the timeout is active you will see Waiting to Trade – Safety Switch is on in the logs

What causes Safety Switch is on error? 

Safety switch activates instantly after the last transaction and can also trigger after starting the bot or after applying config changes. It safely waits the amount of time you have it set for before placing a new order.

Why can Gunbot accidentally make two buy orders at the same time without TRADES_TIMEOUT?

After Gunbot buys a coin the exchange takes some time to update the trading history, and without TRADES_TIMEOUT to prevent another buy… Gunbot can register a buy signal and place another buy before the trading history updates on Gunbot to show the buy order it just made. Basically it’s a delay on between the trading history on the Exchange updating on Gunbot, and can result in double buys without TRADES_TIMEOUT?

What is TRADES_TIMEOUT field? How does TRADES_TIMEOUT work in Gunbot Config?

TRADES_TIMEOUT is a protection mechanism, that specifies the number of seconds after the last buy order, before Gunbot can place a new buy order. This prevents gunbot from a) opening two buy positions at the same time, if the bot doesn’t detect the previous purchase and b) Prevent the boy from setting another buy order because it thinks the last bought price is an old buy order.

Waiting to Trade – Safety Switch is on

  • TRADES_TIMEOUT is active due to a recent (re)start of the bot or a recent trade
  • OKKIES_MODE prevents an order because of high pressure on BTC-USD
  • WATCH_MODE is enabled which shows how gunbot performs but prevents actual buy/sell orders from being placed

Waiting to Trade – Safety Switch is on FIX

  1. TRADES_TIMEOUT FIX – Set TRADES_TIMEOUT: 60 to resolve safety switch error
    Exchange specific recommended values300 for Bittrex and 100 for Poloniex.
  2. OKKIES_MODE FIX – wait until buy/sell pressure is reduced and allow Gunbot more time to place buy / sell orders
  3. WATCH_MODE FIX – Open Gunbot GUI localhost:5000 > Gunbot Settings > “Bot” settings section > Click WATCH_MODE slider to turn off or open config.js folder, then search for WATCH_MODE: TRUE and change to WATCH_MODE: FALSE


  • Also be sure you set BOT_CCLEAN to 1 to get rid of caching problems
  • If you edit config.js manually and then run the bot through the GUI, the changes you made would be overwritten.

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