Gunbot on Linux VPS – What VPS works best with Gunbot?

What VPS works best with Gunbot ? Which VPS should I use with Gunbot ? Why should I use a Linux VPS with Gunbot ? Should I install Gunbot on a Linux VPS ? Should I install Gunbot on a Windows VPS ? Windows or Linux VPS – which is better with Gunbot?

These are all questions frequently asked by beginners to Gunbot and using a Linux VPS, and there are many advantages to operating Gunbot from a VPS. Gunbot beginners and those new to using a Linux VPS, the most important things to look for when shopping for a VPS are as follows: VPS Speed, VPS Cost, VPS Security, VPS Features & VPS Support! The two best VPS to install Gunbot on (arguably) are: VIRMACH VPS and VULTR  VPS, which we’ll review on this post. We’ll break down how both VULTR VPS and VIRMACH VPS rank in the above categories and answer basic questions about using Gunbot on a VPS. A VPS server has many other purposes… and can also be used to stake PoS cryptocurrencies by installing staking wallets on the VPS.




Why should I use a VPS ? What are the advantages to running Gunbot on a VPS ?

  • 24/7 uptime so you can operate Gunbot without interruptions – operating Gunbot on a local PC can experience network or power interruptions without proper backup hardware. Also the local PC will have electricity costs… although you can install linux on a Rasberry PI (but that’s a whole different blog post).
  • Remote access VPS from to check on Gunbot from anywhere in the world on your computer or iOS device – Gunbot traders using Gunbot on a VPS, will frequently log in to the Linux VPS to: check on Gunbot, change Gunbot pairs, tweak Gunbot settings, change Gunbot trade strategies or just make sure Gunbot is working properly…from home, when dropping the kids off at school, during lunch break at work, or while out for the night…it’s really handy to be able to check in on Gunbot every once and a while and not be tied to your desktop computer or have to rush home if Gunbot has an error or you need to quickly change a trade pair. Personally running Gunbot on a laptop meant having to turn it off, and I had to keep re-starting staking wallets when I’de move the laptop.
  • Install PoS compatible cryptocurrencies and stake wallets 24/7 on your VPS – Being able to Run Gunbot 24/7 without interruptions is great…but you can also install Cryptocurrency wallets to stake or Mint coins. Cryptocurrencies that are PoS (Proof of Stake) can be deposited into a desktop wallet and “staking” can be enabled to both support that altcoin blockchain (similar to PoW – Proof of Work) and earn free coins (similar to earning interest on a bank account except that it’s a much higher % interest earned). The frequency and amount depends on the cryptocurrency and is different for most altcoins.

Should I Install Gunbot on a Linux or Windows VPS ?

The main benefit to using Windows is that it’s easy to use, while the main con is that Windows uses a ton of hardware resources and therefore requires a much pricier plan with better hardware (just so it can support Windows). Linux is very light on computer resources and therefore a cheaper plan will go allot further, but installing Linux is more technical and requires Linux knowledge or an professional linux system admin to install it for you.

Windows VPS

  • Pros: easy to use
  • Cons: Espensive, resource hog so requires better hardware to run, low security

Linux VPS

  • Pros: cheap, low hardware resource use (lightweight)
  • Cons: Technical knowledge of Linus or professional help required to install/configure, higher security if installed properly



  • Windows & Linux VPS servers available (free windows included)
  • Accepts BTC payments AWESOME!
  • Cheap Linux Plans (28USD per year for Elite + Linux plan)
  • Save big and pay annually or try it out for a month
  • High end Linux VPS plans with decked with top of the line hardware: Virtual drives, multi-cpu
  • Worldwide server locations
  • Features: SSD drives, dedicated CPU, dedicated IP, DDoS protection & Sleek control panel
  • CentOS, Ubuntu & multiple flavours of Linux available to install by default


Connecting via browser, SSH and viewer was fast. Multiple hardware packages make it easy to go from basic to high end weather you want to install a fully blown desktop or a lightweight desktop like lubuntu.


Probably has some of the most affordable Linux plans for example the Elite + plan with coupon is $28USD per year includes: 2vcore, 1GB RAM, 30GB storage & 1TB data @1Gbps  (CLICK HERE and use coupon code LEB30 for 30% off) has a bit more bandwidth but a bit less storage space than Vultr plans making it better for installing Gunbot, but if you plan on also installing staking wallets Vultr would be best!

VIRMACH Security

Built-in DDoS protection and a well established company keep your data secure. Ensure your Linux tech installed an encryption key for secure remote access and enables tunneling through an SSH to ensure a secure encrypted connection. Linux Tech should also perform some security updates like creating a new non-root user, enabling firewall, opening ports, and disabling root user access…that’s why it’s best to have a pro install Linux if your not a Linux pro.
Don’t know how to install Linux on a VPS ? That’s ok! Have a Linux system admin configure a remote access Linux desktop and install Gunbot on your linux VPS for you with the VPS Linux pack here CLICK HERE


Support is fairly quick (if you open a support ticket), the live chat support is not equipped to answer anything other then basic sales questions and will refer you to opening a support ticket for any technical questions you may have. However both before buying and after being a customer support is generally fast, knowledgeable and skilled…support will provide some command line solutions for your questions and try to address errors quickly.


  • Lower Linux plans don’t have a virtual drive to install your own Linux version
  • As of Feb 2018 Default packages are limited to a slightly older version of Ubuntu 16.01 which is outdated with Ubuntu 17.10 released and Ubuntu 18 almost out of beta.
  • Only costly high end plans have a virtual drive to install newer or alternate versions of Linux not available to install on VIRMACH by default.




  • latest versions of Ubuntu available (Ubuntu 17.10 as of Feb 2018) and other Linux versions including: CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Windows, FreeBSD or you can load your own ISO image with virtual drive access (vs VIRMACH which has slightly outdated versions of some Linux OS.
  • All packages include a virtual drive to mount and install your own Linux OS builds or other Operating Systems
  • Super high end hardware packages


  • Doesn’t accept BTC for subscription payments 🙁 Booo

Vultr Features

  • Cheap Linux VPS and a broad range of VPS hardware pack options
  • Linux & Windows VPS available
  • latest versions of Ubuntu available (Ubuntu 17.10 as of Feb 2018) and other Linux versions including: CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Windows, FreeBSD or you can load your own ISO image with virtual drive access.
  • Accepts BTC Payments YES!!!
  • 15 Server locations worldwide
  • Sleek checkout experience with clear product options ordering a VPS quick and easy
  • Rated 4X faster then other VPS servers (depends on VPS package selected)
  • Features: Intel cores, hourly/monthly/yearly subscription options, dedicated IP,  and more

Vultr Speed

High end hardware packages all the way up to 16 CPU + 165GB RAM + 10K GB Bandwidth from website to VPS speed is generally pretty consistent.

Vultr Cost

Very affordable plans in-line wth competitors, but Vultr doesn’t accept BTC subscription payments. Compared to VIRMACH you get a bit more storage space, but a bit less bandwidth. Installing Gunbot requires very little storage so VIRMACH may be a bit betters suitd to installing Gunbot, but if you plan on installing multiple PoS staking wallets, PoS wallets can quickly take up hard drive space (downloading blockchains) in which case Vultr would win this category 🙂 Vultr  also accepts BTC which is nice for cryptocurrency fans who want to pay with their crypto earnings.

Vultr Security

DDoS protection without latency or routing to a third party. Servers are available in a wide variety of locations. Again make sure your Linux admin installs security features like: creating a new non-root user, enabling firewall, opening ports, and disabling root user access, and creating a tunnelling connection.

Vultr Support

There is no Live chat available on the website for pre-sales questions so I submitted a contact form with a variety of sales (non-technical) and technical related questions to see how fast Vultr support staff would respond and what level of technical ability they would have when responding to general inquiries….The response to questions before buying arrived within 30 minutes, quick replies to pre-purchase questions, and the more technical questions were also well answered…support did indicate that they don’t offer support for technical Linux questions about custom installs like Lubuntu because these are server installations and services are self managed…

I’m not a linux expert and I just want to Run Gunbot on a VPS
What does it cost to install Linux and Gunbot on a VPS?

Order the Gunbot Linux VPS package and have a Linux system admin do it all for you!

Gunbot Linux VPS Package Includes:
Install Ubuntu
Install fully-featured desktop (operates just like windows)
Install remote access client (so you can connect from your PC or smartphone)
Install Gunbot and configure for use
1 Hr of Linux System Admin Service
Walkthrough on Gunbot Basics (how to add/remove trade pairs, etc)


What’s your experience with Virmach VPS or Vultr VPS? is there any information I should add to this guide? Is there another VPS you’d like reviewed? Do you have another VPS service you recommend and why? Please leave your comments below…I’m excited to hear your opinions!

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