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Gunbot v9.4.3 Stable Release

Gunbot RT v9.4.3 Stable Release is now available. Gunbot RT is a completely revamped NEW Edition of Gunbot, with multiple NEW features and bug fixes. If you encounter any bugs please post in forums or telegram. Thanks to the 8 full time developers and over 800 beta testers who worked months to make Gunbot RT Edition the best Gunbot Ever! 🙂

Developer Update - Gunbot RT v9.4.3 Stable Release
Developer Update – Gunbot RT v9.4.3 Stable Release

Gunbot v9.4.3 Stable Release

Gunbot RT v9.4.3 Stable Release
New Features

  • GDAX support: Gunbot now supports trading at GDAX.
  • Reversal trading: Enables trading in downtrends by accumulating quote currency without investing extra base. Do read up on the wiki before you enable this.
  • Airdrop: Allows you to quickly convert Quote in Base and take profit during Reversal Trading
  • New & Improved indicators: You can now use the Stochastic oscillator and per pair MFI as additional confirmation in all strategies. Gunbot Indicators now include: Bollinger Bands, Short and Long EMA, RSI, MFI, MACD, Stochastic Oscillator, SMA
  • TrailMe!: Most strategies can now use TSSL-style trailing to trail profit in up or down trends. Additionally, you can use trailing for reversal trading and double up.
  • Custom strategies (beta): Introducing custom strategies. In this first release of custom strategies it is possible to mixup any available indicator and build your own strategy based on SMA-cross, MACD or MACDH – optionally combined with MFI, RSI or Stochastic.
  • Trading fees: You can now define the fees Gunbot needs to account for in TRADING_FEES. GAIN is now a percentage above the expected fees paid.
  • Pair suggestions: Based on a configurable set of trading volume and volatility, Gunbot suggests possible good pairs to trade on.
  • Automatic retry for TV orders: Implementing RETRY_TV_ORDER to automatically retry orders when processing multiple alerts.
  • TradingView: Introducing margin trading at Poloniex. All buy orders are now placed as market orders.
  • Dust handling: MIN_VOLUME_TO_SELL is expressed in base currency again.
  • Revamped Emotionless Strategy – A NEW proprietary profitable strategy to make beginners life easier. No need to struggle with settings and market studies: just set your API keys, select your pairs, tell Gunbot how much you want to invest and push the “RUN” button!
  • Cryptosight: a proprietary Telegram Bot that works on all Gunbot Exchanges and shows you profit, trades, statistics, alerts. Now with manual trading buttons!!!

Gunbot RT v9.4.3 Stable Release
GUI changes

  • Performance improvements: much better responsiveness, reduced CPU load and memory usage.
  • New design: new dark color theme, various design refinements including: improved performance and styles.
  • Native charts: “See what Gunbot sees” with charts built into Gunth GUI, based on the same data Gunbot processes, including trades visualization.
  • Log rotation: automatic rotation of out.log files. No more “empty logs” errors.

Gunbot RT v9.4.3 Stable Release

  • Fixes for multiple orders on TV: improved handling of multiple incoming signals.
  • Kraken: Multiple fixes for Kraken.
  • Bittrex: Fixing “Available of undefined” error.
  • Emotionless Fixing various issues with Emotionless.
  • TSSL: Prevent selling while price is still in range. Preventing buy orders above lowest EMA.
  • “Waiting for open orders”: Fixing an issue where the bot would wait for open orders, even if orders got deleted.
  • RSI calculation: improved RSI calculation when OKKIES_MODE is disabled.
  • Kraken: Fix for Kraken candles.
  • Unable to check master key”: Better error handling. The *Unable to check master key” now only occurs on local errors (wrong pair, wrong api key, etc.).
  • Binance: using instead of
  • Reduce data usage and API calls: dramatically reduce the amount of API calls and data usage while still updating indicators each cycle. Deprecating TA_ALWAYS_ON.
  • TV charts (GUI) showing charts and pair data faster on the dashboard.
  • Dashboard: Fixing order notifications with a volume of 0.
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