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Gunbot Install Guide

How to install Gunbot on Windows? Does Gunbot work on Windows VPS ? How do I install Gunbot on OS X ? How to install Gunbot on Linux ? Does Gunbot work on Linux VPS ? Find out how to Install Gunbot on OS X, Windows and Linux including Windows VPS and Linux VPS. Read below (pas the VPS information) to get step-by-step help installing Gunbot including Gunbot RT, Gunbot XT, Gunbot LT and all versions of Gunbot Crypto Trade Bot.

Install Gunbot on Windows & Linux VPS

What’s a VPS and why should I install Gunbot on a VPS?

A Virtual Private Server or VPS is essentially a computer that a big company hosts for you, in their own warehouse or data centre instead of you having a computer on at home. The benefits of a VPS are: no computer at home (no noise, heat, cost, etc), no high at home electricity costs (VPS pays electricity), no internet costs (VPS includes high speed internet), 100% uptime (meaning no internet disconnections or power failures that might stop Gunbot), easy connection from anywhere while on the go from your laptop or smartphone (travel or go out to eat and chck on your Gunbot), and there are many other benefits to operating Gunbot on a VPS. Check out our Guide on Windows VPS & Linux VPS

Which VPS is Better Windows or Linux?

Simply put…whatever your comfortable with. Windows VPS use more resources and are therefore less cost effective (higher cost for less resources), but are plug-and play super beginner friendly for the less tech savvy user. With a price tag of around $10 a month Windows VPS can be less economical. Linux VPS are lightweight and super efficient. Prices may vary but generally a suitable Gunbot Linux VPS will run around $40 USD for an ENTIRE YEAR or $3.50USD per month; it’s easy to see which VPS gets you more bang for your buck.

Check out Gunbot Linux VPS is the VIP of Linux Bundles and includes: 1 year Subscription to a Gunbot suitable VPS with VIRMACH, Install of a fully featured Linux desktop with secure remote access (so you can connect from anywhere), a TeamViewer session to install everything on your computer with audio to answer questions, complete set-up with to configure and explain Gunbot settings, Gunbot trade strategies explanations and more! Even a completely tech novice will understand gunbot, and by the end of the session Gunbot will be running. If your a beginner to algorithmic trade software, trust me when I say the price tag is WELL worth it’s weight in gold and will pay itself off in your profits down the road.

Gunbot Linux VPS Bundle
Gunbot Linux VPS Bundle


Recommended Apps: Peazip is open source, free and works with mac, windows and linux

Terms: Gunthy GUI – Gunthy is the Graphical User Interface or GUI that Gunbot uses, to make a pretty display where you enter in Gunbot settings, like your crypto exchange api keys, select trade strategies and otherwise configure Gunbot. When you click “SAVE” in Gunthy GUI Gunbot takes those settings and uploads them into a file known as config.js which Gunbot then access to know what settings and trade strategy you have configured it to use.

Install Gunbot on Windows
How to install Gunbot on Windows &  Windows VPS

Step 1 – Download Gunbot from here and select

Step 2 – Unzip the Gunbot file and give it a nice name (I recommend including the version and build in the title to identify it against future Gunbot updates i.e.: Gunbot-v9.5.1-build-531 and use dashes if installing in linux or mac) then drag the Gunbot folder to a nice easy location like your Computer Desktop. Pro Tip: if you right click and create shortcuts on your desktop, then you don’t have to navigate into the Gunbot folders to start Gunbot evertime.

Step 3 – Click Gunthy GUI which will open a terminal (black windows with a few lines of text) then start your browser, go to the URL Address bar (where you type in web addresses like and type in “localhost:5000” without thGe brackets. then Gunthy GUI should appear and request a password.

Install Gunbot on MAC and Linux
How to install Gunbot on MAC OS X

Step 1 – Download Gunbot from here and select

Step 2 – Unzip the Gunbot file and give it a nice name (I recommend including the version and build in the title to identify it against future Gunbot updates i.e.: Gunbot-v9.5.1-build-531 and use dashes if installing in linux or mac) then drag the Gunbot folder to a nice easy location like your Computer Desktop. Pro Tip: if you right click and create shortcuts on your desktop, then you don’t have to navigate into the Gunbot folders to start Gunbot evertime.

Pro Tip: With Mac you use terminal to make Gunbot and Gunthy GUI Executable, which you have to do by opening a terminal and loading the directory that Gunbot executables are located in. A trick to make this easier is by enabling “new terminal at folder” which when you two finger click a folder, you can go services > new terminal at folder and then follow the rest of the guide to input the commands specified below. For Mac click the Apple Icon (to access system preferences – on the top of your mac toolbar) select Keyboard > then Services > Then find the service called “new terminal at folder” click the checkbox and then exit the preferences window.

STEP 3 – Make the files executable by opening a terminal window (using the advice above by right clicking the folder and opening a terminal window there) or by opening a terminal window and loading the directory (for advanced users – the info in Pro Tip is much easier for novice or less tech savvy users.

Type in the following two commands on separate lines pressing enter after each to execute the command (when in correct directory – if you get an error you probably typed something in wrong, check the name for typos. Please NOTE: there is no confirmation when you do it correctly, the command will simply be selected without showing an error.


Step 4 – In the same Terminal window execute command to start Gunthy GUI (assuming you did the previous step correctly – there will be errors if you didn’t) type in the following command which should display a bit of code in a terminal window demonstrating that Gunthy GUI is started (confirm by opening browser and typing in localhost:5000) as:


Step 5 – Open your browser and in the address bar type in localhost:5000 then click enter (URL bar where you type in websites such as which will bring you to Gunthy GUI and Gunbot settings where oyu follow the remaining 7 steps below to configure Gunbot for it’s first live trade!

Install Gunbot on Linux
How to install Gunbot on Linux

The procedure to Install Gunbot on Linux and Install Gunbot on Mac is exactly the same. Follow Steps 1-5 above.



Step 4 – Type a password inside your browser window on the Gunthy GUI localhost:5000 website and click the blue button titled “create password” which will log you into Gun

Step 5 – Click the settings link on the top menu bar, in the next section click “API Keys” on the sub-menu (it should be the first page you see, but if you accidently click another page remember it’s the API Keys page). The API Keys page is where you connect Your Exchange with Gunbot, so that Gunbot has permission to trade for you on the exchange. Each cryptocurrency exchange has different steps to create API keys, but it should be easy enough to find where in your exchange settings. Copy and past ethe API keys paying special attention to make sure the first and last characters match and that there no bank spaces anywhere (this is so simple, but can be overlooked and should be the first thingy you select if you get an authentication error or master key error) Also if you do have an issue with your API key saying your licence is invalid, check and make sure the API key you sent to your re-seller was correct.  Pro TIP: If 2FA (2 Factor Authentication Security) is not required or enabled you should use it, exchange security is super important! CLICK SAVE WHEN YOU ARE DONE

Step 6 – Click Strategies link on the top menu bar on Gunthy GUI and select at least strategy that you want to use. The Strategies page, has two primary sections: at the top are the 3 most popular Gunbot strategies pre-configured and optimized, down at the bottom is an advanced list of all Gunbot strategies in a less visually appealing code based layout. Note: there is no difference between the top and bottom except that the top looks pretty…when you put settings in the top section trade strategies, those same settings will copy into the trade strategies in the “advanced section” at the bottom of the page and vice versa.


Step 7 – Change some basic settings, these are settings that should be changed regardless of what strategy you select.

Install Gunbot | Strategy Settings - Emotionless
Install Gunbot | Strategy Settings – Emotionless
  1. TRADES_TIMEOUT (in seconds – displays Waiting to Trade – Safety Switch is on when active) set to at least 60 (recommended 300-600 – this is the minimum time between orders (also activated after starting the bot, or after applying changes). Use this to prevent double buys or fast consecutive buy orders, especially when averaging down with a DU Double up strategy) Pro Tip: Depending on what your min volume to buy / sell, trade limit and exchange balance are… having this value too low, will cause multiple buys on a dip…and if you have a tight stop-loss (5-15% the result may be multiple buys sold at your stop-loss %, rather then Gunbot performing just one buy – waiting on trades_timeout for x seconds and then performing another buy on the next candle. There’s a good chance a longer trades_timeout will average a better buy price (depending on your trade strategy – by not buying repeatedly as the price goes down even though your other criteria to initiate a buy order is met, and instead waiting for trades timeout to expire.
  2. MIN_VOLUME_TO_BUY: minimum trade amount in the base currency; usually Bitcoin (if trading bitcoin pairs). Pro Tip: If you try adding ETH or LTC pairs, note that each exchange calculates the minimum trade amount differently…if Gunbot isn’t placing buy orders (which should display in the chart for that pair on the Gunthy GUI dashboard, when running the bot.) then you may have an amount in this setting that dos not meet the minimum per trade requirement for your exchange i.e.: on Bittrex BTC minimum per trade amount is around 0.001BTC but if I’m trading ETH pairs (ETH-XXX), the Ethereum per trade minimum is higher around 0.005ETH…then if you want to trade BTC and ETH pairs on the same Gunbot instance, simply input an amount in MIN_VOLUME_TO_BUY that exceeds the minimum for both in this case 0.005ETH (Yes this means Gunbot will trade 0.005BTC on Bitcoin pairs BTC-XXX and 0.005ETH on ETH Pairs ETH-XXX)
  3. MIN_VOLUME_TO_SELL (same as MIN_VOLUME_TO_BUY – displays Waiting to Trade – Safety Switch is on when active) set to at least 60 (recommended 300-600 – this is the minimum time between orders (also activated after starting the bot, or after applying changes). Pro Tip: If you plan on adding more Bitcoin for Gunbot to trade with later, when you increase the MIN_VOLUME_TO_BUY for Gunbot to trade higher bitcoin amounts per trade amount, if you also increase the MIN_VOLUME_TO_SELL then Gunbot may have an altcoin balance that is under the new MIN_VOLUME_TO_SELL setting and may not be able to sell your lower balance causing issues if Gunbot detects a recent buy and doesn’t want to buy again as a result. I
    recommend leaving the MIN_VOLUME_TO_SELL a bit lower (the same as your previous MIN_VOLUME_TO_BUY amount before you changed it to a higher value) to avoid issues.
  4. STOP_LIMIT: the % amount your willing to risk per trade – some Gunbot traders recommend no stop-limit or a 99%, and some Gunbot Traders may recommend a tight stop loss or will utilize a double up strategy (pro traders only)…Personally I use and recommend a tight stop-loss of 5-15% AND BACKTESTING YOUR SETTINGS ON ALLANSTERS TRADINGVIEW TUNERS (MORE ON THAT FURTHER DOWN…THIS IS THE SINGLE BEST THING YOU CAN DO TO BE HIGHLY PROFITABLE WITH GUNBOT!
  5. FUNDS_RESERVE the amount in base currency (Bitcoin if BTC-XXX or Ethereum if ETH-XXX that you want to leave on the exchange) for example if you have 5BTC on your exchange and you only want to trade 1BTC you would put 4BTC here and Gunbot would only have access to the remaining 1BTC not included in the FUNDS_RESERVE amount. Pro Tip: Be aware that if trading mixed pairs this value reflects the amount of that BASE Currency for example BTC-XXX it defines your balance in Bitcoin and ETH-XXX then if also defines your balance in ETH for those pairs.
  6. TRADING_LIMIT:  the trading limit for limit buy orders placed by Gunbot in the amount of your base currency. For example A value of 0.001 would place maximum orders of 0.001 BTC when used on BTC-XXX pairs and a value of 0.001 ETH when trading on ETH-XXX pairs. I recommend you put the trading limit at least double your min_volume_to_buy and Min-volume_to_sell amount.
  7. TRADING_FEES: a new feature of Gunbot RT v9.4.3 that seperates exchange trading fees (which used to have to be included in min volume amounts) find out what your exchange charges for fees (check exchange website or google search) and input that here ie: Bittrex is 0.25% (so put 0.25) and Binance is 0.25% with BNB fee reduction or 0.5% without BNB fees Pro Tip: if using Binance hold a balance of BNB to use fees and don’t trade BNB pairs or ensure your funds_reserve configuration keeps some BNB for fees, or you’ll start paying 0.5% fees without knowing it.
  8. BOT_DELAY (settings > Bot): Gunbot uses this value to calculate a random number of milliseconds delay before processing a new pair. Avoid getting Exchange API Rate limited by configuring this field using the Recommended minimums depending on your exchange: Bittrex: 1, Binance: 3, Cex: 2, Bitfinex: 8.

Step 8 – CLICK SAVE, SAVE SAVE!!! always make sure you close Gunbot before making changes, then save changes by clicking “SAVE” on Gunthy GUI and re-start Gunbot so it loads the new changes in config.js Pro Tip: unless your an advanced coder with intimate knowledge of Gunbot, then do not input settings in config.js manually, if you do manually edit config.js and experience errors with Gunbot chances are you messed up in the coding somewhere and should start fresh with a new config.js FROM THE SAME VERSION downloaded off Gunbot Github. Also don’t use an old config on a new Gunbot version, because changes in Gunbot settings could cause issues…it’s easier to simply input new settings in manually unless you have a very complex set-up.

Step 9 – Click setups and add a new setup (change the name if you want), select your exchange in the dropdown, type in altcoin pairs ie BTC-XMR and select the strategy to use on each pair then press.  You can use a different trade strategy on each pair, and if you have slightly different settings that you want to use for each pair then you can override settings here (not on the dashboard when “reviewing” a strategy). Pro Tip: What I do is backtest Gunbot trade strategies with allansters tuners, tweak settings and test each pair then duplicate that strategy a few times and group altcoin pairs into each strategy varient that it’s most profitable with.

Step 10 – Preview strategy to make sure settings are correct then click Run Gunbot, to start Gunbot Trading. If you get any errors type all or part of the error in the search bar at the top of there are countless Guides on the most common errors to help you along your Gunbot journey. If there is a typo on a guide, something you think could be added or if you are happy with the guide please leave a comment in the submission section below each guide and a rating CLICK HERE

SECTION #3 Add-ons, Errors and FAQ

Install Gunbot – Telegram Set-up

Follow the Gunbot Telegram Set-up Guide CLICK HERE

Gunbot Windows, Mac OS X & Linux Install Errors

Click links to go to full error Guide on Gunbot.Website

  • Invalid Licence Error Guide – check that your API keys are correct in your config.js and were correctly inputted when you bought Gunbot.
  • Unable to Check Master Key Error Guide – sync your time clock, allow ports and follow the steps on this guide to Solve Gunbot Master Key Issue.
  • askprice of undefined Error Guide – Check your pair notation is correct, that the pair is available on your exchange and follow the steps on this guide to solve askprice of undefined
  • available of undefined Erorr – Exchange Wallet for that altcoin is under maintenance, this error can safely be ignored.

Install Gunbot Frequently Asked Questions
Gunbot Windows, Mac OS X & Linux Install FAQ

  1. Which Exchange works best with Gunbot?
    Install Gunbot - Bittrex ExchangeInstall Gunbot - Binance ExchangeBittrex is First and Binance comes in a close second. Cryptopia API has significant issues submitting orders, sent through API and has low liquidity on allot of altcoin pairs. High liquidity is important to making sure Gunbot orders are fulfilled when they are submitted. Pro Tip: Trading on low liquidity coins, is a good way to end up with altcoin balances (aka Bags) that are held for days and end up hitting a stop-loss. Stay away from exchanges with poor API (or trouble submitting orders) and don’t trade altcoin pairs with low liquidity…learn from my mistakes and follow this advice.
  2. If I buy LITE can I upgrade to Gunbot RT later and pay the difference?
    Yes the difference is already included in the Gunbot RT Bundles available on Gunbot.Website
  3. If I only Buy 1 T.V. add-on but I own for example two Gungot RT packages…do I only need to buy 1 TradingView add-on?
    As long as you own both Gunbot RT packages (and one isn’t actually yor friends, this can be verified) then yes 1 TradingView add-on can be used with Both Gunbot RT Packages?
  4. Will CryptoSite work on all exchanges at the same time with one Cryptosight Licence?
    When you set-up Cryptosight it will ask for the API keys of all exchanges you want to use Cryptosight with…so Yes if you purchase a Gunbot package with Cryptosight or Cryptosight add-on it can be used with all exchanges.
  5. I bought a Gunbot 3 Exchanges or All Exchanges bundle but didn’t give all my API keys when I bought Gunbot…how do I add another API key?
    As long as you have not exceeded the maximum number of Exchanges included in your bundle, simply contact your re-seller with the new Public API Key (including the Exchange it belongs to ) i.e.: Binance – x98xh98fd98xh98hx However if you want to add another Exchange licence (that exceeds the number of exchanges available in the bundle you bought) you can Buy a Gunbot Add Exchanges UPGRADE HERE
  6. I forgot, lost, misplaced my API key and need to change it !!!
    If you own a Gunbot 1 Exchange or 3 Exchange Bundle, and you just want a to reset to a different API on the same exchange then it’s free, just send the new public api key to your re-seller. However if you want to switch from one exchange to another different exchange there is a cost for that – Buy Gunbot Licence Exchange Transfer  HERE


If you experience an error when installing Gunbot, or have a question not included in the FAQ section of this guide…please msg @altGear with the exact error name or question (and screenshot) to help make this guide better for other users, by adding your error to this gudie.

Thanks for Visiting Gunbot.Website !!!

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