Gunbot F.A.Q
Gunbot Frequently Asked Questions F.A.Q

Gunbot FAQ – Purchase Questions

What is Gunbot?

Gunbot is a crypto trading bot and algorithmic trading software, that performs automated trading on cryptocurrency exchanges.

How does Gunbot Work?

Gunbot connects to your cryptocurrency exchange through the Exchange API in order to perform technical analysis, check trade history, and perform trades according to your trade strategy parameters.

Is Gunbot 100% automatic?

Yes! Gunbot trades around the clock 24/7 using over 6 pre-configured professional trade strategies. Gunbot will trade altcoins on your cryptocurrency of choice, using the trade strategy and settings you configure it to use. Simply select the trade strategy, configure your settings and add the coins you want and watch Gunbot perform profitable buy/sell operations for you giving you more time to spend time doing what’s important enjoying the company of family or friends and earning money wherever you are (even while you sleep).

Does Gunbot have documentation and Guides so I can learn how to use it?

Yes Gunbot has a community of over 5000 members, Gunthy Forums and full documentaiton via the Wiki (updated). In addition Gunbot Website offers premium support in Discord Chat with in-house Gunbot Mentors to answer your every question, solve your Gunbot Errors or explain Gunbot trade strategies / settings to you! With Premium support a Gunbot expert will also connect to your computer with TeamViewer, install Gunbot for you and teach you how Pros profit with Gunbot.

How much can I earn with Gunbot? What kind of profits can I expect using Gunbot?

How much you earn is up to you and depends on a few factors: the strategy you use, the pairs you choose, if you back-test your strategies, how much you trade with Gunbot, if your trade strategies work with the market condition on the altcoin pair you choose etc. I highly recommend you Purchase Premium Support from Gunbot because we will connect live and show you how Gunbot Experts profit with exactly how we  a) pick altcoin pairs using back-testing b) monitor altcoin pair profitability using Zeno GUI  and c) start with low trade limits and increase trade amounts according to altcoin pair profitability.

Experienced Gunbot traders easily earn 1% daily for example using Bollinger bands 30% per month is easily obtainable (keep in mind we have extensive crypto trading knowledge, tech back-grounds and experience with Gunbot). If you know how to use Gunbot and how to pick a good strategy you can Maximize profits. That’s why I highly recommend you buy premium support and learn exactly how our experts Run Gunbot, pick altcoin pairs and maximise profits it’s so worth the miniscule 0.025BTC that I won’t say more (you’ll wish you had bought it if you don’t because in the long term it saves you learning lessons that costs most Gunbot users significantly.

Is Gunbot good for beginners?

Gunbot default strategies actually work very well when backtested using allansters TradingView script (analyze and view net profitability over multiple months). Gunbot also has a beginner Strategy called “Emotionless” with excellent beginner settings to start profiting with Gunbot minutes after downloading. So Yes! Gunbot is absoltuely a powerful tool for beginner cryto traders, but you should have a basic understanding of how technical analysis / indicators work and time enough to study Gunbot Functionality via the Wiki. Honestly buy Premium Support it will pay for itself a 100x over and save you so much time and money.

Premium Support – Buy Gunbot from Gunbot.Website

Gunbot Expert will teach you exactly how the Gunbot Website pros profit with Gunbot: pick altcoin pairs, backtest Gunbot strategies and analyze net profits overtime to maximize profitability (using all the shortcuts and tools the pro use). If you think the cost is too high you are either an expert crypto trader or you’ll learn the hard way and lose money before realizing how much having a pro Gunbot mentor, with years of experience using Gunbot from the beginning pays for itself 10x over!

I want personalized support and help configuring Gunbot.

If you want an expert to connect with you and give a detailed 1-on-1 explanation of how Gunbot works, instructions on Exactly how our Gunbot experts pick pairs, monitor and maximise profits, get help configuring Gunbot from scratch live with TeamViewer and receive access to Premium Support around the clock from in-house Gunbot Experts + Access to private locked channels where we share working pairs, tips, tricks and more to maximize Gunbot Earnings the Purchase Premium Support which costs only 0.025BTC.

I have more questions or suggestions.

Use the Contact us page or use the Gunbot Telegram Chat window at the bottom of all Gunbot Website pages. Please Note this is a community chat / trollbox and the comments do not necessarily directly represent Gunbot.Website

Who do I contact If I want to Buy Gunbot?

If you have more questions before you buy you can msg @altGear @kroucher @crpytonap or @fathy on the Gunbot Website Support Discord / Gunbot Website Telegram Chat.

Gunbot FAQ – Licensing

How does Gunbot Licence work? Can I change my Gunbot licence later?

Gunbot licence is linked to your unique exchange Public API key. If you lose a key you can request a replacement, but if you want to move from one exchange to another different exchange, unless you have an All Exchanges Licence, then there is a fee of 0.01BTC You can purchase an Exchange License Here. If you have an all exchanges license then all API key changes and renewals are free (processed in 24 hrs).

How long does the License last?

All Gunbot licence are a Lifetime licence with unlimited free updates, improvements and new Gunbot Versions. That means when a new Gunbot V10 comes out with new indicators and features you simply download the New Gunbot file, upload your config, and input your API keys to start trading! Unlike other Crypto trading bots Gunbot doesn’t charge a monthly fee!

How long does License Registration take? How fast will I get Gunbot when I buy it?

Gunbot licence registration is completed within 24hrs on a business day. An Purchase receipt and Welcome e-mail will be delivered within a few hours after purchase which includes: Latest Gunbot download links, Gunbot Website private support channels, Gunbot set-up guides / videos and other Gunbot Resources. Depending on what you purchase you’ll receive separate e-mails for Gunbot, CryptoSight and tradingview with links, resources and instructions for each to get you started (including a TeamViewer session for Premium support to connect and install Gunbot with you).

Why does it take this long to register Gunbot?

Registrations are processed manually (and we may be sleeping).

Affiliate Program

Do you have an affiliate program? Where can I find out more about Gunbot Website affiliate program?

You can find out more about the Gunbot Website Affiliate Program HERE

How do I sign up for the Gunbot Affiliate Program.

Create an account on Gunbot Website and click Affiliate Dashboard to apply for an affiliate account or CLICK HERE to create a Affiliate Account NOW

How much can I earn on the Gunbot Website Affiliate Program?

You can earn an unlimited income from the comfort of your own home selling the best crypto trading bot on the market!

What kind of Commissions can I receive from the Gunbot Affiliate Program?

There are 3 affiliate levels ranging from 10%15% comissions (tierd after certain sales levels are reached) For example a sale of Gunbot would earn you a 0.015BTC payment (at the highest Gunbot Gold affilate level)

What exchanges does Gunbot Currently Support?

Gunbot currently supports the following Exhcnages: Poloniex, Bittrex,, Binance, Bitfinex, Kraken or Cryptopia

Gunbot Pre-Purchase Questions

What do I need in order to get my Gunbot Licence Activated?

Simply provide your Exchange PUBLIC API Key (Poloniex, Bittrex,, Binance, Bitfinex, Kraken or Cryptopia) and then input your Public API key on Gunbot.Website during checkout (you can contact our Telegram chat for help on creating an API key). Your Exchange API will be activated and a Registration e-mail delivered to your inbox within 24 hrs (on a business day) after payment is confirmed.

Does Gunbot Website offer support?

Yes Gunbot Website has 4 Gunbot Experts on hand exclusively for Gunbot Website Members! Simply purchase Gunbot RT Pro, Gunbot RT ULTIMATE, Gunbot Premium Support or Gunbot Linux VPS Bundle to receive a host of benefits including Priority Discord or Telegram support with in-house Gunbot Mentor experts on call for your every question and concern. Premium Gunbot Website Support Includes:

  • Private Discord & Telegram Channel Access by Gunbot.Website
  • Discord “Gunbot Trader” Rank with access to on-going support by Gunbot Mentors
  • Exclusive Access to pro-trader configs and Gunbot Trade Strategies by Gunbot.Website
  • TeamViewer session to help install Gunbot RT and explain settings

I forgot to give my API key during check-out?

Simply send an e-mail using the Gunbot Website Contact Us page, or by sending an e-mail directly to  With your order number, and the exchange name beside each public API key you are registering (make sure you include your order number and / or email address to look up your order)

Do I have to send all my API keys at once (for example if I buy an ALL Exchanges Licence) or can I add more exchange keys later?

You can add new exchange API keys at anytime (as long as your paid to add that many), simply contact Gunbot.Website with the exchange name and Public API Key.

Can I upgrade Gunbot later and only pay the difference?

YES! All packages in the Gunbot Owners category of Gunbot.Website already have the prices calculated, so you only pay the difference and not the full package price! UPGRADE ANYTIME!

If I buy Gunbot ALL Exchanges bundle, can I run multiple Gunbot set-ups simultaneously on the same Exchange?

NO! The rule is: 1 Gunbot Licence = 1 Exchange Account. That means YES you can run multiple instances of Gunbot on all the different exchanges with your All Exchanges (or 3 exchanges), but only one account per exchange

If I buy two seperate Gunbot XT/RT – 1 Exchange bundle and one TradingView Licence (add-on or with RT-Package) Can the TradingView licence be used with both Gunbot RT Packages?

YES! As long as both accounts have the same owner; and one isn’t actually owned by another person, for example a friend (this will be checked during licence registration)

Is it possible to change my API key?

Yes you can change your API Key for free, but only for an API Key from the same Exchange. If for example you forget or misplace your Binance API Key, then we can disable your old API Key and activate a new one but to change for example from Bittrex to a different exchange there is a fee unless you have an ALL EXCHANGES licence, in which case all api key changes and swaps are free. If you want to switch from one exchange to another different exchange, and don’t have the ALL Exchangs licence then there is a fee of 0.01BTC to move accounts. You can buy the Exchange Licence Transfer here on Gunbot Website (completed in 24 hrs). Provide your telegram and we’ll even msg you on telegram when it’s done.

Can I install Gunbot in several computer if I own only one Gunbot licence?

You can only use Gunbot on one computer at a time, but you can install it on as many computer as you want.

If I want 2 exchanges is it cheaper to buy one exchange and add another one on separately or just buy an “ALL Exchange” licence from the start? What is the cost of adding on one exchange to an existing gunbot license?

  • If you buy Gunbot standard 1 exchange + one extra exchange = 0.084 BTC
  • If you buy Gunbot pro edition (3 exchanges) = 0.08 BTC

What’s the minimum to start trading with Gunbot? Is there a recommended amount of capital that I need to run Gunbot Profitably?

Start Gunbot trading with as little as 0.01BTC with per trade amounts of 0.001-.002BTC (depending on exchange minimum). However the more Gunbot has to trade with, the more profits you make.

Gunbot Website experts actually recommend you start each altcoin pair traded with Gunbot, close to the exchange minimum, until that altcoin pair shows a positive net profit over a couple months and then increase the trading_limit.

Either way you can expect a 1-5% profit daily if you have a good understanding of crypto trading and Gunbot is properly managed. Again if you Get Premium Support from Gunbot Website, your profits will be drastically better then most new Gunbot Traders, simply by getting the knowledge pros learned over years of using Gunbot. Gunbot is the most advanced crypto trade bot utilizing a host of the best trade indicators including STOCH, STOCH RSI, MACD, RSI, MFI and executes trades with laser precision.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of digital products, we don’t offer refunds. You can re-sell your Gunbot licence on the Official Gunthy Forums.

Gunbot FAQ – VPS Questions

What is a VPS? Do you recommend to run Gunbot in a VPS?
A Virtual Private Server abreviated as VPS is essentially a computer instance hosted by a company stored somewhere in a warehouse server room. A VPS is just a remote computer where you can install and run Gunbot. You can use Gunbot on a normal Windows, Mac or Linux computer, but there are several benefits to using a VPS:

  • 24/7 Gunbot uptime – so you don’t have to leave your computer running all days and night. If you turn your computer off, thats running Gunbot it could miss a trade opportunity and end up costing you… that’s why 24/7 uptime is so important.
  • $0 electricity cost – Chances are your electricity is pretty costly, save on your electricity bill with a VPS, where all electricity costs are included in the monthly cost! Run Gunbot around the clock without paying a dime!
  • Check Gunbot from anywhere…anytime – out for lunch? In the bathroom? at work? that’s OK 😉 You can still check on Gunbot. Simply whip out your tablet or smartphone and log into your VPS 24/7 anywhere…anytime.
  • 24/7 Internet uptime – Fast connections up all the time so you can sleep knowing Gunbot is still trading! At home your internet could disconnect, a power outage could stop Gunbot from connecting and all sorts of things could cause Gunbot to stop, resulting in missed trades and lost trade opportunities.

What VPS do you Recommend? 
We recommend VIRMACH, Vultr or Contabo VPS for the best results. All accept Bitcoin as an alternative payment method, which makes it easy to pay and get started setting up your VPS? Do you want to make VPS set-up even easier? Or maybe your not tech savvy? That’s ok we’ve walked through some of the least Tech savvy people around with our Complete VPS package (see more below)

If you prefer a cheaper option try the VIRMACH Afforable Linux VPS plans starting at around $7USD or if you want a cheaper and easier option, that you can set up yourself try the VIRMACH Cheap Windows VPS plans choose starting at around $10USD

Gunbot Linux VPS – VIP Bundle

Grab our Gunbot VPS pack to get a discount on a Linux VPS 1Year Subscription, with full set-up through TeamViewer and a hands-on tutorial to configure Gunbot and explain Gunbot Strategies (literally everything)! More info CLICK HERE 

Gunbot FAQ – Gunbot LITE Questions

Can I buy Gunbot LT and then upgrade Gunbot (such as to Gunbot RT) later and only pay the difference?

YES! In the Gunbot Owners category on Gunbot.Website the UPGRADE bundles already have the price difference calculated, so that you only pay the difference and not the full bundle price! That means you can upgrade anytime and only pay the difference!

Can I buy TradingView addon to use with Gunbot LITE?

NO! TradingView add-on will NOT work with Gunbot LITE. Tradingview addon ONLY works with Gunbot RT Standard Edition or higher .

Gunbot FAQ – Zeno GUI Questions

Can I use 1-Account Zeno licence on Multiple Exchanges with Gunbot?

Each exchange needs its own Zeno Licence, but multiple Gunbot instances can be managed on the same exchange with 1-Account Zeno Licence.

Can I use Zeno GUI with multiple Gunbot Instances?

YES! Zeno is designed to manage multiple Gunbot instances on the same exchange…However Zeno 1-Account licence is linked to the exchange you register it with, so every exchange account needs it’s own license. Extra accounts are cheaper than the initial license.

How to Zeno GUI overrides work? What is the override hierarchy (order that overrides take precedent)?

Overrides simple change a single parameter for a strategy. So they will overrule the values in the stategy with their own values. Overrides will always only change the actual parameter you override, never anything else. For example AN RSI_BUY_ENABLED override will override that specific parameter (as overrides do) and use the remaining Settings in the Trade Strategy in this example “RSI_BUY_LEVEL” and “RSI_SELL_LEVEL”.

Zeno GUI Override heirachy is Strategy –> Instance –> Group –> Pair where Pair is the one that overrules all.

Zeno GUI reads all your config.js settings for the inital setup. Then it builds a new config for each of your instances using all pairs assigned to that instance, setting the strategy you gave it and adding all the overrides to the pairs, only the ones you see in the preview tab. So if you take a look in the configs/ folder and open the instanceX.js or unassigned.js you will see what it looks like.

Since gunbot only supports one kind of overrides, zeno internally uses the heirachy from above to figure out which ones actually make it into the individual pairs overrides depending on the group and pair overrides you give it.

PLEASE NOTE: instance overrides should mainly be used to set i.e. different bot_delay values for different exchanges, not for overrides of strategy parameters. Another way to put it is “Instance” aka “Global overrides” should be limited generally to global “Gunbot Config > Bot Settings” and not be confused or mixed with “Trade Strategy” overrides.

How do I know overrides are working properly?

If you check the preview tab in the pair config, you will see which overrides actually apply to a pair from all overrides including: strategy, instance, group and pair.

Gunbot FAQ –  Technical Specs & Compatibility

Gunbot FAQ – Compatibility

What operating systems can I run Gunbot on?

Gunbot supports all the major operating systems including Windows, Mac and Linux (ubuntu, centos, etc)

Does Gunbot work on Windows x86 and x64 and Linux x86 or x64?

Yes Gunbot supports both 32 bit and 64 bit operating systems.

What are the minimum hardware Requirements to Run Gunbot?

Gunbot is extremely lightweight and has very low hardware resource use which is why it can be installed on cheap VPS or even a Raspberry Pi. Minimum of 512mb of ram and 1GB of HDD space. For a VPS 1TB Bandwidth is more than enough.

Can Gunbot be used on a Raspberry Pi?

Gunbot can be used on Linux and therefore can be used on a Raspberry Pi

Gunbot FAQ – Advanced Support Questions

Does GunBot remember coins it purchased from a previous run? Will it attempt to sell coins that it purchased from previous runs even if I switched strategies between runs?

(I’m assuming that each run has the same pairs)
Yes! But remember if you haven’t run Gunbot for a while and the trade history is very old, then your Exchange may erase or otherwise not provide the most recent Trade history for Gunbot to use in it’s analysis of a new buy / sell entry. In that case you can perform a manual trade to give Gunbot a buy price or place an Override (just make sure you remove it later; check our guide on Gunbot override as it relates to Bought Price)

What Strategies can I run with Gunbot?

Gunbot has 6 pre-configured strategies and countless combinations of the best indicators in a Custom strategy of your own choosing with indicators like MACD, Bollinger Bands, STOCH, RSI, MFI and more.
Gunbot Preconfigured strategies include: Bollinger Bands, BBrsi, TSSL, Gain, Step Gain and Ping Pong

How many altcoins can Gunbot handle simultaneously (at the same time)?

Answer: unlimited amounts of altcoin pairs! Gunbot can manage as many altcoin pairs as you want to add.

I have a VPS. After loading gb and running gunthy-gui I open a browser and go to localhost:5000. I get an error sayinng it is not found or such. Is there a setting I need to change on the server that will allow it to find localhost:5000 port?