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Gunbot.Website your OFFICIAL Gunbot Website. Buy Gunbot Products, Gunbot Licences, Gunbot UPGRADES and Gunbot addons from an OFFICIAL Gunbot Store. Gunbot crypto trade bot is a user friendly, advanced trade bot for cryptocurrency markets. Gunbot automatically trades cryptocurrencies using over 36-per configured or custom trade strategies, utilizing the best indicators used by pro crypto traders like: MACD, STOCH, RSI, STOCH RSI, Bollinger Bands, SMA, EMA and more to maximize profits in volatile crypto markets!

Gunbot has been developed over many years by a talented Team of developers and tested by thousands of Beta testers. Gunbot is the most popular Crypto Trade bot on the market with a fully established community with over 5000 active Gunbot Traders, official forums, dedicated support staff and full documentation via the Wiki.

Gunbot Products
Included with Every Gunbot Purchase

  • One time Payment
  •  Lifetime license
  •  Lifetime updates for free
  •  Support via Telegram group

Gunbot Products
Gunbot.Website ADVANTAGE

Included with all Gunbot.Website packages & Bundles (over 0.01BTC) limited time only promotion

  • Private Discord & Telegram Channel Access by Gunbot.Website
  • Discord “Gunbot Trader” Rank with access to on-going support by Gunbot Mentors
  • Exclusive Access to pro-trader configs and Gunbot Trade Strategies by Gunbot.Website
  • TeamViewer session to help install Gunbot RT and explain settings

How does Gunbot Work?

Gunbot combines a variety of the best trade indicators delivered with laser performance in optimized pre-configured strategies or custom user defined mix and match indicator combo strategies to calculate optimal entry and exit points. Gunbot connects to cryptocurrency exchanges through API protocol to communicate directly with each crypto exchange allowing for round the clock trading, 24 hrs a day – 7 days a week.

Gunbot a History of Success

Refined by 8 developers and hundreds of beta testers over many months and years make “Gunbot the Cadillac of Crypto Trade Bots. Gunbot has a long-standing track record of success which is why tens of thousands of traders choose Gunbot automated crypto trading. Gunbot has an active community of  over 5000 active Gunbot Traders!

Gunbot Crypto Trade Bot
Manual Trading

As a manual trader you know many opportunities can be missed, stop-limit orders sometimes don’t trigger, and some of the best opportunities to trade may occur when your away from the trading desk…put an end to missed opportunities, and take advantage of round the clock crypto market trading with Gunbot!

Gunbot Products
Gunbot the best crypto trading bot!

Gunbot utilizes the latest trade indicators, available in any pre-configured or custom dombination, delivered with laser accuracy permitting the most basic beginner strategy to a highly advanced custom strategy. Developed for years by 8 developers, tested by thousands of beta testers and supported by an active community of thousands of Gunbot traders make Gunbot most well tested and actively Crypto Trade bot available on the market today. 

  • One time payment includes lifetime support and software updates
  • 36 Pre-configured trade strategies optimized by pro technical analysts
  • Custom user defined trade strategies mix-and-match the best trade indicators including Bolinger Bands, MACD, RSI, STOCH, and trade types like Trailing Stop-Loss.
  • Longest standing and most popular crypto trade bot trusted by tens of thousands of crypto traders worldwide
  • Security of your API – API credentials are stored locally on your computer, so that your API secret stays private and no one has access to influence your trading.
  • Team of over 8 Professional Developers with months per version and years of total development time
  • Thousands of Beta testers per version with countless hours of Gunbot Beta testing
  • TradingView add-on to automate your own custom indicator alerts   Have Gunbot automatically place buy / sell orders based on your own, custom TradingView Indicator Alerts, completely automating your own trade strategy.
  • Cryptosight add-on to manage Gunbot while on the go – View Gunbot performance, trade alerts, place manual buy / sell orders and more from Cryptosight dashboard built within Telegram.
  • Established Community with over 5000 members, official forums, dedicated support staff and full documentation on Wiki to cover every Gunbot setting and function.

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