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Gunbot is a user friendly, advanced crypto trade bot, that performs automated cryptocurrency trading. TradingView is a trade platform for traders and investors to create and share technical analysis, advanced trade strategies using interactive charts and custom indicator scripts, which other traders can use to mirror pro trade strategies. Gunbot TradingView add-on enables Gunbot to perform automated trades based off custom TradingView script alerts and strategies 24/7.

More about TradingView

TradingView is a social network for traders and investors to share ideas, trade strategies using interactive charts with a platform for technical analysis that provides advanced financial visualization through interactive charts. TradingViews interactive charts are equipped to offer basic price charts or plot complex spread symbols with overlayed strategy backtesting.

TradingView is browser based, so there’s no special software to install and TradingView can be access from any browser capable smartphone, tablet or computer.

How do Custom TradingView scripts work?

Advanced users can script their trade strategies into custom TradingView indicators which traders can use to mirror another traders skill, and with the TradingView add-on, Gunbot can automatically place trades from those custom alerts 24/7. (pro tradingview subscription required)

TradingView allows users to create and share technical analysis and advanced trading strategies on their interactive charts.

With the Gunbot TradingView add-on you can trade on alerts sent from custom strategies at Tradingview, completely managing your strategy at Tradingview. Gunbot receives trade signals by e-mail and trades accordingly.

More about Gunbot

Gunbot is a user friendly, advanced crypto trade bot. Gunbot utilizes the best indicators in over 36-pre configured strategies, or allows traders to create custom strategies with any combination of indicators delivered with laser precision.

Years of coding and technical analysis by the Talented Gunbot dev team has been vetted and tested by thousands of traders and Gunbot to this day remains the most popular Crypto Trade Bot used by thousands of crypto traders, with an active community of 5K Gunbot Traders and 300+ beta testers.

Gunbot enables users to automate technical analysis trade strategies using the Gunbot GUI Dashboard or from TradingView using the Gunbot TradingView add-on. (pro tradingview subscription required)

More about the TradingView add-on for Gunbot

Gunbot TradingView plug-in, enables Gunbot to trade automatically on alerts sent from custom strategies on TradingView, completely managing your strategy from TradingView. Use advanced TradingView scripts like the Ninja Signals Script or custom alerts from your own indicators. Automate your TradingStrategy with the TradingView add-on for Gunbot and grow your cryptocurrency portfolio 24/7!

Does Gunbot TradingView addon come with more exchanges? 

No Gunbot RT Owners can purchase additional exchanges here, or Gunbot LITE owners can upgrade to Gunbot RT here

TradingView Scripts FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions

Are TradingView Scripts updated?

This depends on the Script author, for example Ninja Signals Script is consistently updated making it one of the best scripts available, and only days after Gunbot RT v9 was released allanster is already updating his Gunbot backtesting scripts to integrate the new Indicators like MACD released with Gunbot v9.4.3

Can I use Gunbot TradingView addon with a free TradingView account?

No in order to receive alerts from custom scripts, so that Gunbot can perform automated trades from those alerts a pro TradingView subscription (or free pro 14-day trial) is required.

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