Gunbot ALL Exchanges UPGRADE Cryptosight, TradingView add-on BUNDLE

Cryptosight UPGRADE Bundle ALL EXCHANGES includes: Cryptosight a Telegram profit tracker bot, ALL EXCHANGES Gunbot Licence & TradingView add-on. Cryptosight is a Telegram platform built to: track Gunbot profits, monitor trades, send trade alerts, and provide direct access to execute trades all from the convenience of Telegram (existing Gunbot users only).


Cryptosight is a proftability tracker designed within Telegram as a convenient platform to: track Gunbot profits, monitor trade status, send trade alerts, and provide a fully featured dashboard to open/close trades on-the-go, from the convenience of the Telegram app on your Smartphone or desktop app!

NOTE :This is an upgrade for Existing Gunbot users only.

Cryptosight UPGRADE bundle includes:

  1. Cryptosight UPGRADE
  2. ALL EXCHANGES Licences (Includes: Bittrex, Poloniex,, Binance, Bitfinex, Kraken, & Cryptopia)
  3. TRADINGVIEW add-on
  4. LIFETIME licence for Gunbot
  5. LIFETIME updates for FREE

Cryptosight Features:

  • Convenient Telegram dashboard
  • Server-side application
  • Notification of trades with profit display
  • Multiple orders are combined in a list to prevent SPAM
  • Individual or overall profit calculations
  • Detailed portfolio display
  • Detailed overview of Gunbot traded pairs
  • Customizable time range
  • Single click exchange toggle switch
  • View trade history through Telegram
  • Automatic conversions to your chosen fiat currency
  • Customizable light and dark themes available


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