Gunbot Windows VPS Bundle

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Get a 3 month subscription to a Windows Virtual Private Server. Have an expert install Gunbot, connect to your computer with TeamViewer or Anydesk and walk through the entire Gunbot set-up including cryptosight & Tradingview plug-in set-up (if purchased) and even how to back-test strategies using Gunbot backtesting addon TradingView scripts. After install support by Gunbot Mentors available on Discord or Telegram, around the clock!

  • 3 Month Subscription to Windows VPS SS2G
  • Activation of Windows 10 VPS
  • Complete walk through of how to change vps password
  • TeamViewer session to install Windows Remote desktop and walk through how to connect to VPS
  • Remote connect to VPS, Install Gunbot, set-up desktop shortcuts and remote access
  • TeamViewer session with audio to answer customer questions
  • LIVE Walk through of How to select Gunbot Strategies
  • LIVE Walk through of all Gunbot Settings
  • LIVE Walk through of how to backtest Trading Strategies


Gunbot Windows VPS is a simple and easy way for less tech savvy users to operate Gunbot 24 / 7 using the Operating System you know and love…Windows! With this bundle get one click access to Gunbot from anywhere at anytime…while your on the go, out of the office, on vacation or just taking a lunch break. Gunbot Support experts will subscribe you to a 3 month Windows VPS plan, install Gunbot, and connect live to your computer to walk you through setting up Gunbot from start to finish. We’ll even show you how to install, backup and run cryptocurrency wallets to stake PoS compatible cryptocurrencies BONUS!!! Ask questions and get answers live from a Gunbot expert! Get hands on tutorials helping to maximize your Gunbot profits with insider tips on backtesting Gunbot trade strategies using Tradingview and more!

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Gunbot Windows VPS
Windows 10 VPS Bundle

Gunbot Windows 10 VPS | Virmach VPS | Virmach Windows VPS | Virmach Windows 10 VPS | Gunbot VPS | SS2G Hardware specifications

Bundle Includes:

  • 3 Month Subscription to Linux SSD2G Plan with VIRMACH VPS
  • Activation of Windows 10 VPS 
  • Installation of Gunbot
  • Install of Gunbot addons such as Tradingview or Cryptosight (optional)
  • Connect Live with a Gunbot expert to set-up Gunbot from start to finish
    • Hands on help to configure Gunbot
    • Customization of Gunbot according to your preferences
    • Walkthrough of Gunbot settings and the Gunthy GUI interface
    • Expert advice on how Maximizing Gunbot Profits backtesting
    • Walk through of how to change Windows VPS password to secure your VPS

  • Remote connect to VPS, Install Gunbot, set-up desktop shortcuts and remote access
  • TeamViewer connect to customers computer with Telegram Audio to explain Gunbot and so customer can ask questions
  • Live on customers desktop show them how to Start Gunbot GUI, login, set-up Gunbot, etc
  • Walk through of How to select Gunbot Strategies, how to manually edit strategies advanced settings, explanation of how strategies work.
  • Walk through of Gunbot settings and what each setting does
  • Walk through of how to access allansters TradingView scrips and backtest Gunbot settings to maximize profitability.

What is a VPS? and Why install Gunbot on a VPS?

A VPS Virtual Private Server is essentially a computer hosted by a company somewhere that is remotely accessible. There are many benefits to operating Gunbot on a VPS including 24/7 uptime, and saving the utility costs of a computer at home…Check out this Gunbot Website Article Gunbot on Linux VPS – What VPS works best with Gunbot?


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