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Zeno GUI is a user friendly Gunbot dashboard, to manage Gunbot and view Gunbot trade performance. Zeno GUI’s central dashboard displays hardware usage (useful for VPS servers), features a clean list of all altcoin pairs and a search bar to quickly find pairs. Each pair is neatly organized into it’s own section with coloured toggle switches to open charts for each pair, edit pair settings or turn pairs on and off. Performance for each altcoin pair is visible from the central dashboard with a profit summary that displays 1Year, 1Month and 1Day profit values on each pair.

Drilling down into detailed analysis on each altcoin pair

Click open chart on an altcoin pair to view a fully featured candlestick chart with easy time frame switches including: 5min, 15min, 30min, 2hrs, 4hrs and 1-day and quickly zoom in or out to view buy / sell history on each chart. BTC and altcoin pair balances are displayed, along with buy / sell targets, profit / loss for daily – weekly – monthly time frames, and ticker last – high – low prices.

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Why Zeno GUI ?
The Gunbot Dashboard of the future.

When testing a strategy it’s important to ensure profitability is there for that strategy or changes may need to be made to that strategy, or different altcoins pairs to be added or removed. The power of accurate profit / loss analysis makes Zeno GUI a valuable tool for finding which Gunbot Strategies are profitable, to adjust Trade Strategy parameters and modify pairs utilized by a trade strategy to maximize profitability. When you are ready to take your Gunbot to the next level Zeno GUI is the tool to do that, and Zeno GUI will pay for itself ten fold by allowing you to maximize your Gunbot Performance 24 / 7 from anywhere in the world, with a beautiful clean display, that even the most novice and non-tech, person could easily understand.

How does Zeno GUI work?

Zeno GUI complements your existing Gunbot setup by adding a dashboard display known as a Graphical User Interface to it. It was built using NodeJS and some of its widely used modules. It features a built-in socket and web server, which makes sure you get updated in near real-time. Your bots are spawned as daemon services, meaning that the processes run in the background. Even if the GUI goes down, your bots will continue running regardless of errors, for 24/7 Gunbot trade performance.

  • Live Updates to the GUI without refreshing the page – Essentially Zeno GUI provides an out-of-the-box web server that serves your GUI to you utilizing Socket.IO‘s technology.
  • Compatible with any device to manage Gunbot from anywhere – Built using Bootstrap and JQuery so that the GUI will work on any device. The page automatically adjusts to the screen size of your device.
  • Reads logs to automatically start, stop or re-start bots in the background – through management by a NodeJS module called PM2 which the GUI communicates with.

Zeno GUI Features

  • Control your setup with ease on any device – Start / stop with the click of a button.
  • Follow the output of your bot – Useful information automatically gets extracted.
  • Features candlestick chart and a bar charts – showing your profit over time.
  • We have many features planned for the future – and although there are no known current bugs, we thrive to fix any future bugs as quickly as possible.

Zeno GUI Wikihttps://wiki.zenocrypto.com/wiki/ZenoCrypto


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